We work to connect and empower womxn with the resources they need to find excel.

Data shows the importance of mentorship

of women rate mentorship as highly important in career advancement


of women reported that they have never had a mentor

The power of a dedicated, diverse support network

This program will help you make and keep great connections with other leaders, who will guide you and share knowledge around all aspects of your business. The data supports it: people with mentors not only have better outcomes, but also feel more positive about their work. So why not get started with a mentor of your own?


I never realized how much having a dedicated structure for my startup could do! I can’t believe I ever considered doing it alone.

Jessica Leib, CEO of VitaPure
Doing this program opened so many doors for me that I never realized would be possible. Now, my business feels ready to grow! Thank you!

Lexi Xu, Founder of ModemU
I'm so grateful for my Breaking Glass mentor, I learned things from them that change the course of the way I was marketing my product and I'm so excited about the direction it's heading now.

Kai Jackson, CTO of Elevate

Now is your time to grow; we are here to help

We're thrilled to be launching this accelerator, for you, the first-time or early-stage business owner.

Our goal is to bring programming in all things entrepreneurship: from strong strategy, to marketing, hiring, and continued growth for your business.

Want to get started?
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