Typography Project 2

Letterform Construction



Final choices

Uppercase – Before

Uppercase – After

Lowercase – before

 Lowercase – after


Paragraphs of Type

I chose excerpt #2 because it seemed like an article I would read in a newspaper or a news site. Most news sites and newspapers use Serif fonts for their articles, so I chose the font Bitter.  I added a line height of 1.5 em to show a bit of distinction between lines, as a long article with a lot of words can look overcrowded. I also chose a narrower width, to give it a more news article feel.

The settings I used:

           Column width: 25em;

            Font-family: ‘Bitter’, serif;

            Font-size: 1em;

            Leading: 1.5em;

            Tracking: 0em;

Trying out different column widths:


45 em


35 em

25 em

Expressive Type

To find different ways to express words, I wrote down what I saw/visualized when I read the word. I tried my best to show what I visualized without making it look like an illustration. I started with just using the words, black type on a white background, but when I started expressing the word popcorn, I thought of the red background with yellow type – this can help visualize popcorn as this is the stereotypical popcorn picture.

I decided to use a serif font for the word popcorn, because when written in lowercase, the serifs almost look like kernels. I also liked the look of a modern serif typeface, it gave the word a playful look, which can be associated with the word popcorn because of movies, fun, and entertainment.

I used different shades of yellow, to show value. Another reason is that not all the popcorn in a bucket will be the same colour. Some will be bright yellow and some will be light yellow. When I added the red background, it started to look like a logo for popcorn. I also like how the dark red background brings emphasis to the bright yellow text.

Instead of placing the text on a straight line, I piled it all together, rotating a few letters. This gives the illusion of popcorn, like it was put on top of a table.

Final Product