DESN10799 Assignment 1: Humanized Technologies

I think the humanizing tech has the most potential for both good and evil. Humanized technologies means that technology will adapt more to human characteristics.1 It has the most potential for good because it can be used to create companions for those with illnesses or creating machines to do anything humans are able to. It has the most potential for evil because it can be used to create machines that can develop its own minds or take over human’s jobs. Examples of these machines are robots and androids, which can be used for both good and evil.

As technology advances, technology is learning to adapt as humans evolve.2 Machine learning and artificial intelligence makes it possible for technology to adapt. Its potential for evil outweighs its potential for good. Technologies such as virtual reality or mixed reality has allowed  for extended and more empathic communication between people. 2 These technologies be used to manipulate those who are vulnerable.  Another example is facial manipulation. When a computer has gathered enough data on a person’s facial characteristics, it is advanced enough to be able to accurately place another person’s face on top of another. This can lead to extreme cases that can potentially end the world.

Technology is slowly taking over our lives. Rarely nowadays can we do something easily and quickly without the use of technology. Humans always feel the need to be connected, and rely too much on technology. As we continue to use social media (i.e Facebook) and other technologies, more and more of our information is gathered. Companies are taking advantage of this and monetizing it. Some companies analyze this data in order to “better” cater to society. While some attempt to make it better, sometimes the opposite happens.

Some of the newest innovations in technology are smart speakers, which are small wireless devices that have integrated virtual assistants. The tech used to make it work are chatbots, voice recognition, and language processing. 3 This is an example of humanized technology because it uses machine learning and AI to adapt the the user. Natural language processing is the software that uses voice recognition and data to adapt to the user’s speech. This is helpful for users who may not have English as their first language, the machine can quickly learn how the user pronounces certain words and adapt the recognition software to each user.

Recognition software (facial, vocal, etc.) can potentially be used for evil because the data and information gathered can be used to steal someone’s identity. The barrier between technology and humans are breaking down, and technology is becoming a part of our identity.3



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